How does this work?

We from GamePax® offer it in a slightly cheaper way because codes are region-specific, usually they are much cheaper in Asian countries (due to a difference in exchange rates) than in Europe, for example.

Playstation Plus is NOT region-specific, and we jump in here again. We create the accounts and release a Playstation Plus license of 12 months on the account.

If you followed the steps correctly, you will now have a Playstation®Plus license on your own Playstation 4.

It will not be indicated anywhere that you actually have this license on your own account because it is, as it were, activated on your entire PS4 system.

Short steps:

  • Log in to your PS4 
  • Navigate to add user
  • Log in with your new account so that the account is saved on your Playstation 4 system.
  • Navigate back to your personal account. Start an online game.
  • If you have followed the steps correctly, you now have 12 months of Playstation® Plus for only € 22.99!



    Q: Can I just play on my own account or do I have to play online with the new account?

    A: It would of course be extremely frustrating to have to play out of the blue with a completely new Playstation account, which is also not our intention. You only need to add the account as a new user on your Playstation® 4 system.
    Then you can continue playing via your personal account.

    Q: Is this someone else's account?

    A: No, the account has been created especially for you. We do not condone selling hacked accounts. This is a big NO for us.

    Q: Is this legal?

    A: This is completely legal, ethical? Not really.
    This is a work around so our customers are able to game cheaper.
    We offer it in a cheaper way because codes are region specific. So you cannot enter a code of Asia on your European account, but you can use an Asian Playstation Plus license in Europe.